Future On Fire

by Class Of 86

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Future On Fire is the latest record from Minneapolis melodic punk band, Class of 86. It was released locally on Aug 1, 2014 and is available world wide as of Nov 11, 2014 on PAPER+PLASTICK RECORDS!!



"Played with a washer-tight freshness and vigour that squeaks and squeals through all ten tracks, this middle American shredfest is – to all intents and purposes – good, honest thrash metal that has remembered that it has soul. Thrash metal still possessed of eyes to see the raging clusterfuck that our world has become out beyond the obligatory circle pit and the merch stand." - Egon Coalsack (seeingyourscene.com)

"Starting right away on the title track, “Future On Fire,” and definitely at the punk-kick at :32 into the song, I knew that this album was going to be brutal. This album is full of wailing, metal-influenced, and shredding guitar solos that basically melted my face while I was listening.The fifth song “House Dream,” in particular, is one that I could see being on one of the harder levels of Guitar Hero." - Chris Roob (fortheloveofpunk.com)

"It is worth mentioning the phenomenal song "Veni Vidi Vino (I Came, I Saw, I Drank)" that closes the album, arguably the best song on the album, and one of the best songs of the year." - Eduardo Tau (weliveinhell.com)


released August 1, 2014

All songs engineered and mixed by Andy Mathison at Immortal Audio

Mastered at Audiosiege in Porland, OR by the crushing Minister of Dynamics, Brad Boatright (Audiosiege.com)

Paper+Plastick Records (paper+plastick.com)



all rights reserved


Class Of 86 Minneapolis, Minnesota

We are a melodic punk band from Minneapolis, MN. Contact us at classof86mn@gmail.com.


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Track Name: Future On Fire
You stole the fire from the first storytellers and burned all that you feared. Or so you’d hoped. But smoldering coals, though ashen they seemed, kept lighted a path, a means to a dream that somewhere in a future time there’d be an awakening of stronger minds and hearts won by truth not by snake oil salespersons peddling falsehoods. (they ask) Wouldn’t I like a soul? A fill for this hole? (I reply) A spirit I’ve got and my mind is not for rent. If you want this corpse you can take it. This life is all and enough. All beyond is shibboleth. If any ghosts should haunt my grave let them be all of my own make. No deus ex machina, no bright guiding light. I will not “go gently into that good night.” The fire next time is gonna put out the last. This desert will be converted to glass, a reflection of the past at the very least. Remains to be seen.
Track Name: Phase Change
Listen. We are all coincidental, all children of mistaken identity convinced of some estranged debt we must settle, that we’re anomalies. You’re still unique. That doesn’t change. Complexity like this cannot be overstated. The brain, point and case. We’re all floating in infinite space so what’s the bullshit we fling in light of this sea of black, the uncharted abyss. Perspective is everything and nothing all at once. Phase change. We need a new vessel of thought not just the deck chairs to be rearranged. There will be no flash. There will be no bang. A near silent harmonic will ring in the change. It will go unnoticed to most caught adrift in the current's drag. A flare in the lens, a phantom limb’s faint itch. A better world could follow this. It’s on our watch. It’s on our lips. There’s substance behind the flaking skin of our lives. Keep tearing away until the rotting shell of deceit’s eclipsed. I can imagine a world. Could you conceive of it, too? A sudden shift can bring it all into
view. It’s up to you. Phase change. We need a new vessel of thought not just the deck chairs to be rearranged. With Eyes opened wide you face truths denied. And so it goes: these myths at first immense exposed to be nothing more than reality inversed and out of phase, a hex designed to vex. It goes unnoticed to most caught adrift in the current’s drag. A radical quip, a hero’s fictive trip. Ask yourself: of all the
infinite ways you could see yourself wouldn’t you choose not to be all alone but so unmistakably at home?
Track Name: Canon Fodder
While we can we’ll add to this canon. Dues paid in tunes for the benefit of what? I can’t recall. It was something good (I hope). This tired crooner will sing like he’s got a voice. All it takes is a lack of humility. Nothing five or eight drinks can’t absolve. Though the wares they impart may be limited this stubborn beggar will choose like he’s got a choice, though the choice may mean nothing at all.
Track Name: mickeymousebullshit
2 millenia from now when no King without a crown comes to draw some big line in the sand will you cease and desist or selfishly persist to keep a tally who you righteously blacklist? Because I can’t understand what make you better than your fellow man. A secret you’ve been told via Chinese telephone first whispered some two thousand years ago. I recall playing that game at lunch tables around twelve. Some jerk switched the lines with some crazy shit every time. Like “purple monkey dishwater turning into wine” or “bread loaves multiplied.” Things of that kind. This fish story, this ever growing allegory reinforced by some long since misplaced source that could turn up anywhere. To me your all just waiting for the second coming of the frozen corpse of old Walt (Disney) himself to pass out the hats with mouse ears attached. But there’s still a catch to this bullshit merit badge: you still die alone. And all the hate you’ve shown will be etched not only on your gravestones but on the faces of your next of kin as they pray for a kinder, smarter lineage or follow in your lonely footsteps down that dark path, a canyon carved by the tread of martyrs, falsely led by a confused search for something to die for.
Track Name: House Dream
it came to me more as a vision than a dream. a house perched high on a cliff over a stream below cutting a widening swath from the foot of the bank. small erosions were enough to tear it down to the waters below. the trees were the first things to go, clinging to roots in false hopes that they would hold the hill. a faith that's suffered still. as it all washed away, the structure and context the wood and the clay, a glimpse of our fate. this too shall pass. it's crucial that we see this world for what it is, a point of light, the intersection of lines ad infinitum.
Track Name: Dudes Chillin', Death Creepin'
Being should be as easy as breathing but rather than learning how to be we’ve just made it harder to breathe. Nuclear winter’s a chill in the air, a man with a plan, a spectre, a scare. Whatever it is we’ll make sure that it’s there. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. That’s our paradigm and now would be a good time, as good as any, to sift through what you’ve heard and why did it stick in your mind? Did it strike you as conventional fare? You’ve been lied to. Fed a line especially designed for you, the common fool. You’ve been had since the first day they told you that this is your home. What’s home when you’re a tenant, you’re just paying the rent that’s due? So I’m not coming home. I’ve left my ride just outside of the fence to the north. Colder winters they don’t scare me half as much as your winters do. What can I do?
Track Name: Casualties of More
Who’s gonna settle for a living wage when a killing is more suiting? If in securing more starts a war or cues a ruinous chain of ecocide, genocide that’s the price “so be it…” Where there are mouths to feed nobody contends. Where wants trump needs, that’s harder to defend. Thoughts like this give me anxiety: Do we raise a roof overhead by razing the earth underfoot. Do we vitiate Gaia that pagan pariah? Taking pay in trade with levity we stand to seal our fates. Life’s brevity demands we focus in on maxims of truth and say “fuck the pressures of pace!” We may reap the spoils but we frown at the taste. We chew them up and we spit them out. The threat of ensuing chaos I doubt. “Too big to fail!,” the cry resounding from this giant’s feet. What’s it mean? Who’s got your back when the structures collapse? Come what may. Maybe this chaos will return us to a time when we can learn from our mistakes. Whatever it takes! If in securing peace we bleed the last drops out of this beast we know as hegemon, empire “so be it…” We can hold our breath and wait for a savior or take a step towards saving ourselves. Wiser men than we have maintained: “nothing lost, nothing gained.” We may honor our toils but no honor is repaid. They’ll chew us up and they’ll spit us out. The promise of ensuing progress I doubt. Is that what we’re here for, more just more? To get a raise?
Track Name: Son Of Samsara
Every facile moment heaves and echoes dark feedback. All intents, future and past events alight. As our shutters are drawn no more the thin veils disclosed. If not in shock it may be fair to ask why not? I’m not a martyr, I’m not a saint. I’ve come to find it doesn’t matter either way. It’s all so awful. I love it all, the good, the bad, the rise and fall that brings us back to null. I once heard that every seven years, like a rebirth, our whole corpse, the skin and bones, is traded out for seven more. If so then here in my fifth life I’ll see if I can finally get it. And if not then I’ll just forget it and discard it with the wreckage of a past that I no longer recognize.
Track Name: Give 'Em Enough Hope
It may not be fair to say that your cold heart beats black or that you could give a shit less about the facts that come across clear as crystal, catching light off the reflection in the barrel of the pistol that you’ve held to our heads. Another generation pissed. I almost have to tip my hat. I’ll give you that. So what else can be said about your bold determination for global extermination as you forge on, plumes of smoke and ash billowing in your wake, like one of Lovecraft’s grim abortions. How will we tie up all these loose ends to all the horrifying plot lines that you’ve unleashed like shit storms? As you plead for war, and sadly there’s more. As we stumble on ahead in times of hope we risk dragging our feet over the tracks behind us. And a past that the future cannot find is doomed to be repeated. And they can’t afford to make the same mistakes that we did. Refrain! We will be back again. Don’t go tossing up your hands just yet. Because before this time ends there’s a lot of tears to mend, so don’t roll up your sleeves and call it a day. We’ll give ‘em that.
Track Name: Veni Vidi Vino (I Came, I Saw, I Drank)
We’ve locked away, huddled safe, mummified, apparently too well preserved the words and the thoughts that were meant all along in exchange for a song, a beat to keep marching us on. A hook so deeply sunk in our heads. A chorus so canonical. Attempts to stray from the melody find us just returning to the fold. The rhyme scheme of history is so predictable and yet we just bob our heads to it. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is not unspoken truth but what we’ve resigned ourselves to in lieu of a solution that would require higher pursuits. This rhythm maintains times replete with defeat (repeat!). Combined with phase inversed reporting that cows urgency. We find ourselves mouthing the words but seldomly are words of substance spoken. It’s conversation suicide. A pill we all ought often swallow, but preference is paid to keeping it inside. In these days we do not have to be for it to support it. We vote every day in all that we say, in all that we do. So my hope for you is to find a way to stay true. Because it’s on you. That’s the truth.